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Tale of Prof.

Dr. Georg Kraus

Prof. Dr. Georg Kraus is a German command expert upon system , big difference regulate and venture command.

With regards to

• He was born within 1965 within Friedrichshafen, Germany.

• Georg Kraus by now life in just the metropolis of Bruchsal. He is married and incorporates a son. His passion is traveling.

• He is bilingual – fluent inside French and German.

Instruction and Occupation

• As soon as finishing his substantial university degree within Strasbourg, Dr. Kraus then researched Degree in just Office Management at the Complex College of Karlsruhe.

• At the Institute for Get the job done Science at the School of Karlsruhe, he marketed the subject of do the job fulfillment .

• Kraus is a well-known German CEO of a Variation Control Organization – Dr. Kraus & Lover which is as well the top command consultancy upon variation control inside Germany.

• Dr. Kaus contains been functioning as a command and organizational guide and includes been the working director of Dr. Kraus & Lover mainly because 1987.

• He is made up of been a professor and lecturer at alternative schools and writer of lots of guides.

• He contains been Lecturing at SGBS Small business College or university St. Gallen against January 2007 – At present majoring within just Govt Study course “Management and Distinction”.

• He is Professor at Clausthal College or university of Engineering for the reason that July 2005 – Nowadays majoring in just Education the Understand System “Interpersonal Techniques”.

• He is made up of Lectured at IAE Aix-en-Provence, Université Aix-Marseille III in opposition to 2004 – At present, Aix-En-Provence and above, France majoring within just Variation Command.

• Lecturer at Faculty of Karlsruhe versus January 1994 – August 2010

• Kraus on top of that labored as an Inhouse Consult with for 7 yrs at Daimler/Mercedes-Benz concerning 1987 – 1994.

• He’s been doing the job as mind of exertion neighborhood regulate as Explanation Curator of the German Economic climate against January 2003 – These days taking care of Handle of the energy community command and making certain collegial finding out.

• He is the creator of his hard work and identical topics.

Recent Initiatives

• Prof. Dr. Georg Kraus is at the moment executing experiments with regards to the romantic relationship involving difference and “survival manner” at the German College of Clausthal. The reports is more than routines of men and women beneath tension in just the uncertainty of difference (company).

• He built a typology of opportunity reactions within just difference of human beings inside survival method dependent upon a fashion (survival manner) designed by way of his colleague Prof. Robert Weisz, a professor at IAE* Aix-en-Provence Graduate Faculty of Control, component of Aix-Marseille Faculty in just the South of France and brain of ComProfiles Institute, a scientific studies and exercising middle technological in just the fields of Psychological Intelligence and Management.

• Robert Weisz created “survival method” at the IAE* Aix-en-Provence Graduate College of Command section of Aix-Marseille College or university within just the South of France. For the duration of difference us citizens are run into the “survival method” quicker through the uncertainty and this probably retains the chance of a adverse dynamic inside distinction.

• The review objectives at encouraging in direction of difference administrators within just specific, however nonetheless it can support executives towards look at on your own, towards much better comprehend some others and establish the straight steps.

• Other than the consulting effort, prof. Kraus incorporates on top of that lectured at quite a few schools. Due to the fact 2015 he is a professor at the Technological Faculty of Clausthal .

Added call material:

Dr. Kraus & Lover
Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 2-6
76646 Bruchsal
Tel: + 49-7251-989034
Fax: + 49-7251-989035
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